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August Update
August Update

August Update

Hey everyone! We’re still targeting a 4th quarter launch! That’s anywhere from October to December 2023! We may not be posting much but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard behind the scenes. When we do launch it will be a big event! Please stay tuned as we will offer more details in the near future!

In the meantime our samples are still available for you to test!

Here is the link:

Username: sample

Password: sample

It is recommended the videos be played with VLC player.

Our Discord server is also available, you can drop by and ask me anything you like! Or just chat with everyone there.

And finally our Facebook Group is available as well =>

Still lots of encoding to go! These things take lots of time, since we are starting from fresh.

Edited on Oct 27: Updated Discord Invite link!


  1. Devin "Teki"

    Hey! Its been such a while since I last came here (Work, Life etc…) but just wanted to stop by to see if the site is still up and was delighted to see that there was activity ^_^ although it appears not to be fully functional I look forward to see what you have in store ^_^ keep up the good work!

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