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aznV.TV (Asian Vision Television) – UPDATED
aznV.TV (Asian Vision Television) – UPDATED

aznV.TV (Asian Vision Television) – UPDATED

Welcome! This is a place holder site for aznV.TV. aznV originally launched over 18 years ago, in October 2004, streaming Winamp TV. Over the years it had transformed into one of the dominate asian media sites on the internet.

AZNV.TV is currently being re-designed by myself, the original creator. I am hoping to have the new AZNV.TV ready by 4th Quarter 2023. Lots of work is currently being tested, and fixing old bugs that plagued the old site. Old issues such as buffering will be improved as we move over to larger SSDs, and broad OS compatibility with support for VLC and “seeking”! Yes! We have overcome that hurdle! The new AZNV will support Mplayer, VLC, and Media Player Classic. Winamp hasn’t been updated in forever so we’ll no longer support Winamp.

Hang tight! I’m the only one working on AZNV.TV at the moment. That includes all the programming, gfx design, encoding, etc…

I’ll post as much news and previews as I can as I progress along. I hope you all are excited as we move AZNV.TV into a new era!

Any questions please contact ctouch[@]


  1. MzDiobolik

    I’m so glad I never got rid of my bookmark. This was my go-to site, so glad to see you making a comeback. When you started my son was only 6 months old and now, he is 19. The very best of luck with this endeavor and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.

  2. If you had an account at your account will be intact. I have the old database. All you need to do is verify your account. All premium credits will be intact from the day the site was taken offline which was June 2017. If you need help just contact me and I’ll take care of it. Cheers!

    1. Rb

      Had the same issue, missed ya when you switched over to face book , Are you going
      To be accessible other than face book?? Still have account and premium credits.
      grats on getting the ship up and running ,cant hardly wait to watch agian

  3. LEO

    Hi everyone.
    Well, regardless of everyone here being so exited, however, everyone here should know, that back in 2009-2010, We offered this guys and his site help with his idea.
    We offered him Mirror of his server and actually an additional server in United Kingdom, and all this was for free.
    However, he ignored our offer and completely disregarded us, and never even replied to our offer via email.
    If he accepted our offer, his site would be up and running by now.
    Based on the capacity of the movies the old site contained, I doubt that he will be able to complete everything by summer 2023, as summer is nearly over.
    He just wants to do everything himself without help, but doing everything without help is very-very difficult and time consuming.
    As for the movies, everyone is downloading them via torrents, so this idea is no longer novelty one.
    As for us, we are Architects and Engineers already, and in a serious construction business, and no longer interested in helping to this site in any way.
    Maybe next time he will accept the help from people who offering.
    Leo(Architect & Engineer)

  4. No name

    To the person named Leo. I see the creator was wise to avoid you since your comment reeks of superiority. Maybe it should take as long as it needs and it is not your decision to decide. You would probably want to take over the site in the long run: that attitude is present in your tone from the get go. Maybe it is *your* help that is not wanted, a wise choice. No help and a longer time period for launch is better than help from unscrupulous people. No help is better simply if that is what is desired by the creator.

    1. No name

      I do think it would be useful though if we could verify through the old website address that this is the new website to go to and that it is the same creator. I also am not sure if I remember my old credentials since I do not have the same emails, although I can probably guess them.

      1. Hello No Name! Thanks for posting! We’re still working on getting the site ready. It’s still not ready yet, there’s still a lot of work to do. Concerning your question, if you had a account on the old, then no worries your account is still there. I have a complete backup of the old site. I know it’s been over half a decade since the old site closed, but there will be ways to get your account back. And I will be there to help you and everyone else the step of the way to get back going. Until then, we’re literally working and encoding 24/7 using all the available CPU power to get the new library ready. I will have more news near the end of the month, or next month! Until then, take care!

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